Sunwait (Väntljusstaken): Heathens Awaiting Yule

Yule will soon be upon us! And Heathens begin celebrating Yuletide earliest among Pagans because of a growing tradition called Sunwait. This modern tradition is maybe a few decades old, and it originated in Sweden. Sunwait is a mix between Christian Advent wreaths, the runes, and Thorsheldg, a Swedish Heathen tradition. It has only takenContinue reading “Sunwait (Väntljusstaken): Heathens Awaiting Yule”

Who are the Ancestors: Types of Ancestors, Troubling Ancestors, and Deepening Your Relationship

The Ancestors, in the most general sense, are the ones who came before you. And ancestor veneration is the practice of honoring your ancestors (vs worshipping). While I generally write about Indo-European Neo-Paganism, ancestor veneration is one of the oldest, and the most global, spiritual practice among all people. Why? I’m no sociologist, but it’sContinue reading “Who are the Ancestors: Types of Ancestors, Troubling Ancestors, and Deepening Your Relationship”

Pagan Celebrations for the Ancestors: Beyond Samhain

Most pagans know the term “Samhain.” In fact, you probably learned about it in your very first year of being a pagan. However, there are many pagans who are not Wiccan or Irish Celtic Recons, and who do not want to celebrate this specific holiday. What do we do at this time of year? ThisContinue reading “Pagan Celebrations for the Ancestors: Beyond Samhain”

What do Pagans Do?

I see people — including pagans — ask some form of this question regularly. So, if you’re a pagan…what are you supposed to DO? It’s easier if you are part of an organized religion. Most of us know someone who goes to church/temple/mosque. They know to pray at certain times of the day, to celebrateContinue reading “What do Pagans Do?”

How to Dispose of Offerings as an Urban Pagan

What do you do with old offerings when you live in a city? How do you dispose of offerings properly without littering? How do you make offerings in an apartment? I am a pagan in a city…New York City to be precise. I have a lot of buildings around me, a few trees surrounded byContinue reading “How to Dispose of Offerings as an Urban Pagan”

How I Spent a Summer Honoring the Fairies

Fairies, Good Neighbors, Little Folk…the list is endless for the mysterious beings who share the world with us. Indeed, the spirits are an intricate web of beings we don’t necessarily understand well. This article is about my own experiences with spirits and some of the things I’ve learned on the way. If you’re new toContinue reading “How I Spent a Summer Honoring the Fairies”

A Non-Pagan’s Guide to Understanding Modern Paganism

So I’m a pagan. Yes, you read that right. No, it’s not devil worship. Pagan is a very loaded term. And its definition has change a lot over time. It comes from the Latin paganus, which means something like ‘villager’ or ‘rural person.’ Then the term was used by the Church to distinguish people inContinue reading “A Non-Pagan’s Guide to Understanding Modern Paganism”

Personal Religion

My practice is both Grove-centered and personal. My grove generally worships the Norse gods on the cross-quarter holidays and the fire festivals are for the Celtic gods. We occasionally also worship gods from the Greek pantheon. So my grove sometimes is spiritually fulfilling in terms of the deities worshipped at rites. However, I certainly needContinue reading “Personal Religion”

The Three Kindreds

Spirits The nature spirits are associated with the midrealm, or earth, and they are represented by the Tree. There are many places that are associated with the spirits. Hills might be particularly sacred to beings like the Sidhe or Fairies. And theoretically any rock or lake could be sacred to a particular spirit. The spiritsContinue reading “The Three Kindreds”