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Urglaawe (Germanic Paganism): Entschtanning and Groundhog Day

Entschtanning is one of several important holiday seasons in the Urglaawe calendar. The word “Entschtanning” means “emerging” and the season lasts for twelve days/nights. It is referred to as the single busiest of all holidays in Urglaawe, and it comes with layers of lore to understand. But much like other Neopagan traditions, it is centeredContinue reading “Urglaawe (Germanic Paganism): Entschtanning and Groundhog Day”

The Four Centers of Paganism Reimagined

If you ask the same question to 10 witches, you will get 13 answers. This truism has only ripened with age. But when our definitions of Paganism are so diverse, how do we know what Paganism is at all?


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Hi, I’m Jacque. I am a Druidic Heathen and a member of ADF: Our Own Druidry as well as The Troth. I have been a practicing pagan for nearly a decade.

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