Urglaawe (Germanic Paganism): Entschtanning and Groundhog Day

Entschtanning is one of several important holiday seasons in the Urglaawe calendar. The word “Entschtanning” means “emerging” and the season lasts for twelve days/nights. It is referred to as the single busiest of all holidays in Urglaawe, and it comes with layers of lore to understand. But much like other Neopagan traditions, it is centeredContinue reading “Urglaawe (Germanic Paganism): Entschtanning and Groundhog Day”


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Welcome to World Tree Heritage! My name is Jacque and I am a Druidic Heathen. I have been practicing paganism for nearly a decade. I am a member of ADF: A Druid Fellowship as well as The Troth. You can find me elsewhere on the internet via my Linktree.

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