Divination for the New Year: What Tarot, King Cake, and Vergil Have in Common

The new year is often a time for divination. And people from different times and places have used certain forms of divination specifically to gain insight into their fortunes for the coming year. Most forms of divination are a form of Cleromancy, or the casting of lots. This method has often been used to determineContinue reading “Divination for the New Year: What Tarot, King Cake, and Vergil Have in Common”

Offerings to the Roman-Celtic Horse Goddess Epona: Eponalia

Epona Regina, Lady of Horses, Goddess of the Fields and Stables, we honor you on this feast day! Epona is one my favorite goddesses in the Gaulish pantheon, but like many deities in the Gaulish pantheon, our historical understanding of her is limited. There are several layers of analysis that are ultimately involved when learningContinue reading “Offerings to the Roman-Celtic Horse Goddess Epona: Eponalia”


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Welcome to World Tree Heritage! My name is Jacque and I am a Druidic Heathen. I have been practicing paganism for nearly a decade. I am a member of ADF: A Druid Fellowship as well as The Troth. You can find me elsewhere on the internet via my Linktree.

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